Buenaventura is an exclusive coastal community located in Farallón near the Pacific coast, 80 miles outside of Panama City, Panama. Sprawling over more than 1,200 lush acres, this remarkable property offers the utmost in luxury living, restaurants, retail shops, world-class golf, and a sports club. There is also a full-service spa, hotel, beach club, and even a wildlife rescue center. 

Grupo VerdeAzul, the developers of Buenaventura wanted an experienced US-based company to manage its brand-new marina. They needed a company with vast knowledge and proven success in the marina business that understood what it takes to ensure a first-rate facility. Grupo VerdeAzul enlisted US Marina Group (USMG), due to a connection they had in common with the development team, to manage its vibrant marina village. Since then, USMG has been involved with planning and designing the marina and its vicinage to ensure that this extraordinary project and its amenities are in place prior to Buenaventura’s grand opening at the end of 2019.

Among the tasks USMG tackled in this undertaking was selecting the right on-site marina manager and support team, as well as implementing systems, rates, and amenities that will allow for a very successful project. The marina will have both wet slips and dry storage for long- and short-term boaters who frequent Central America and will cater primarily to boats from 35’ to 65’, as well as cruisers and sportfishing boats.

One of US Marina Group’s founding principals, Jim Bronstien, opened Marina Pez Vela in Costa Rica, an accomplishment in which he honed his skills and gained a thorough understanding of the Central American market and culture. Add this expertise to the decades of experience of USMG’s other founding principal, Kevin Quirk, and there is no wonder why Grupo VerdeAzul hand-picked US Marina Group to bring their beautiful Buenaventura project and its marina village to life.

With offices in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, FL, US Marina Group is a premier 3rd party marina management company for marinas in the US and abroad. 

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